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"Through it all, Sundance Marketing has engaged many talented professionals who care about our growth, our customers and our staff."

Strategy & Approach

The creative strategy was to position and promote Dr. Elizabeth Arthur as the core strength and differentiator of the business.

  • As a woman she has deeper insights than many of her professional competitors
  • As a doctor she has far great expertise than most spa competitors

We also highlighted the operational strengths of:

  • Warm atmosphere
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Superior patient care


  • Designed new print ads that celebrate the beauty of the target audience and the professionalism of Dr. Arthur.
  • Produced two TV ads that bring the logo to life visually and drive the brand of beautiful skin home by positioning Helendale Dermatology as:
    • A high quality provider of cosmetic services overseen by a medical doctor
    • A woman owned and operated practice that understands what women want
  • Designed new e-commerce website that tied in with the overall marketing concept
  • Developed internal marketing materials including brochure and gift cards
  • Ran banner ads on area websites
  • Created print and radio advertising to promote specific services
  • Place image ads specifically in high end female read local publications and inserted regional ads in national print magazines
  • Launched email campaign to current customers
  • Aggressively utilized social media tactics on Facebook and Twitter
  • Used PR to promote Dr. Arthur as an authority in the field of dermatology and medical spa treatments


  • Increased community awareness
  • Increase cosmetic patients to over 56% of total client base from 15%.
  • Revenue growth of 75% over 2008
  • Patient increase of 35% over 2008
  • Major increases in all medical spa treatment categories
  • Named Rochester’s Choice for Favorite Medical Spa 3 x, by Democrat and Chronicle readers.
  • Awarded Online Marketer of the Year from Rochester’s Marketing Association
  • Awarded Top 100 Business in 2010
  • Awarded Telly and Pixie Awards for Television production of “Think Skin” spot

“We hired Sundance Marketing in 2008 to help us take our business from being primarily a dermatology practice to becoming a more balanced medical spa and dermatology practice.

Sundance first helped us brand our business to allow for the growth into the medical spa business. We developed a new look and voice including logo, tagline, brochure and gift cards. We positioned our Dr. Elizabeth Arthur as a specialist in healthy, beautiful skin. Then we promoted our new brand through television, local print, radio, and regional national magazines to target women, strengthen existing relationships and grow the business.

We have achieved all our goals to date. We are now recognized as a leader among medical spas and are the most recognized in the community. Our business has grown at least a 15% growth each year since 2008. Our brand is strong: we have even incorporated it into beautiful artwork for our offices and unique merchandising items that support our business. We have been awarded the 2012 RAMA Online Marketer of the year Award, the 2012 Communicator Award, the 2011 Pixie Award and the 2010 Bronze Telly Award for our TV commercials.

We have earned all this success through a well thought out and executed strategic marketing plan which we all stay on top of each month. In addition to early marketing tactics we have added new social marketing tools of Facebook, Twitter, live chats with Dr. Arthur and a healthy dose of PR. Through it all, Sundance Marketing has engaged many talented professionals who care about our growth, our customers and our staff. And, we have achieved this all with budgets and expenses that have been realistic and affordable.”

Trish Hohman, Practice Administrator

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