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"Laurie remains closely involved in every step throughout each project to assure your satisfaction."

Laurie Sagona has worked with our facility for over two years, and in doing so has improved the quality and professionalism of our advertising in every area. We have created new, and updated old logos, web sites, print ads, television commercials, and more. Laurie utilizes a number of individuals that possess great talent in various areas necessary to produce a quality product. I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and creativity with respect to design and production in every area.

Some projects that we’ve undertaken have been large and have required a great deal of communication and many hours of attention. Laurie remains closely involved in every step throughout each project to assure your satisfaction. She communicates frequently and openly. As a client, I was always very comfortable conveying my honest opinion, knowing that I could expect a different outcome as a result. The projects we did with Laurie were many, and I never felt that the distance between she and our company interfered with the desired outcome.

When providing a creative for any advertising tool, she presents choices. I can recall times when no choice was quite acceptable, and she revisited until I was completely satisfied. When dealing with a third party to create web sites for our company, Laurie advocated for us anytime necessary to once again, assure our complete satisfaction with the end product.

Laurie is very knowledgeable and very talented. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is not in competition with our company.

Terri Ingersoll, Tanglewood Manor, Inc.

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