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Why Make Web Videos?

The incredibly popular YouTube reports that “people watch hundreds of millions of hours” of web videos on their platform every single day – resulting in billions of views. YouTube discloses that a million advertisers (most of whom are small business owners) use Google ad platforms to market their videos. Also, Facebook has noticed a massive influx of video uploads on their platform and has worked to make viewing web video even easier for users. Now that technology has made it possible for amateurs to produce high quality videos, web videos are quickly becoming one of the most popular, attention-grabbing forms of sharing content.

Web Video Strategy VS Television Ads

Web videos reach a captive audience because they demand the attention of eyes and ears. We could say the same about television; however, web videos can be viewed anywhere at anytime on any device. When web videos accompany banner ads, we find that they (at least) double the traffic of standard banner ads. Sometimes we produce them from our thirty second commercials, for a totally integrated campaign. However, now people are seeing the importance of creating web videos specifically for a rapidly growing internet-based audience. Get inspired by some of the web videos we’ve created for our clients below.

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