Graphic Design


If you want to stick in the minds of your customers, your business needs a face. Promote your brand through images like a logo, magazines, brochures, and newspapers.

Graphic Design

When you first meet someone – prior to any interaction – what is the first thing you notice? More than likely, the answer to that question is that you notice the person’s face. Or, maybe you noticed his or her clothing and style choice. Perhaps it was the person’s hair, eyes, or way of moving. Either way, the first things we tend to notice about others are their appearances. The same goes for the appearance of a business. That’s why, at Sundance Marketing, we strive to help other businesses promote themselves through images. Our graphic design services include logos, print, and more.

The look of your logo is the face of your business and its representation is so important that it is the first element of marketing that we analyze. We have several different artists who we enlist – depending on the nature of our clients business and how the talent of that artist aligns with the business. From logos, to corporate identity, to print and layout design, to website design, to direct mail pieces, to newsletters – we strive for a wholly integrated campaign and do not compromise on this! The visual representation of your company is in good hands when you hire Sundance Marketing.

Logo Design

We have created many logos over the years. When we first start working for a client, the logo is the first thing we talk about. Are they happy with their logo? Does it accurately represent the business and speak to the primary audience? Will it work in all media: print, TV and online? After the logo is approved, we move on to the tagline!

Print Design

While newspapers have taken a hit from online apps and websites through tablets and mobile, the medium isn’t dead yet! We place our ads in the right print vehicles whether they are a small reach and targeted or a higher circulated, more extensive reach paper, or glossy higher end magazines. The shape, size and colors all work to integrate your ad in print. Print is also a good medium if you have a detailed message. Print design can be approached in a number of ways. To start, we design a template so all print ads for a particular business have the same look and feel.

Billboard Advertising

Elevate your voice to the community with outdoor advertising.
Attract Commuters

Did you know that Rochester is the third most populated city in New York? Also, it is home of 20 colleges and universities that bring a large amount of college students and their families into the area. Furthermore, the average commute time for Rochesterians is around 20 minutes. In other words, if you’re a business near Rochester, you have the opportunity to get in front of a large amount of your customer base at a time when their eyes tire of staring at traffic.

Sundance Marketing helped client, Helendale, to be 1st in the country to take advantage of Live Leader Board Scoring on Lamar’s 3 digital boards.

The city of Rochester becomes a great background to:

  • Promote the success of your brand
  • Introduce new products & services
  • Prompt clients to take action

We work with expert providers of billboards and digital displays to craft an advertising campaign that attracts your target audience. We’d love to partner with you to negotiate a strategic location for outdoor ad rent in your community!

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