Media Buying


Because most advertisers can’t afford to be everywhere, we strategically select a combination of media based on your business message and target audience.

First Step of Media Buying (Goals & Mission)

The first step of any media buying exercise is to understand the established goals and mission of the organization. To do this, we use internal research and close communication with the business owner or chief marketing officer. Together, we determine what we want our advertising campaign to affect. Depending on the overall goal and budget limitations, we will decide which combination of media is most effective for branding and promoting your business. Because of this process, Sundance Marketing has become well-known in the Rochester area for creatively implementing effective media planning.

Deciding What Media to Buy

Select Media Based on Your Message

Before we plan the strategy or decide which media to buy, we first define the message of the advertisement. To best support the campaign, we choose the combination of media based on the message and the target audience. We emphasize very specific media because most advertisers can’t afford to be everywhere.


Television advertising is the most effective medium to influence people because of its wide reach and engaging visual elements.

Radio & Print

Radio and print are often chosen as promotional support because of the frequency and detail capabilities. We may have secondary goals to accomplish our marketing plan. Our secondary goals will help determine which media to use.

Media Buying Analytics

Sundance Marketing subscribes to STRATA software, Nielsen and Arbitron ratings surveys. We access local and national cost per points through SQAD media market guides. We buy trusted media to achieve market gross rating points, reach a wide audience, and meet frequency goals.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Outside research companies are available to aid in the buying process. We research television programs that appeal to our target markets so we can rank them accordingly. We use Rentrak for access to Simmons data for demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behaviors. For automotive clients, we have access to Polk Research, which provides automotive data. Other resources are Equifax, another way to purchase behavior data.

Discover our brilliant strategies

After establishing your big ideas, empower them with a brilliant marketing strategy. Select media outlets like TV, radio, print, and digital marketing to give mobility to your big ideas!

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