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TV ads continue to be one of the most effective media for reaching a massive targeted audience. We produce memorable spots and analyze strategic placement to solidify your brand awareness.

Why TV Advertising?

Ninety nine percent of American homes have at least one television, with a daily average viewership of 4.5 hours. That’s why, at Sundance Marketing, we are big believers in TV advertising. Most of our clients are medium to large size businesses. A big goal of theirs is to accurately brand their business to reflect the personality of their business, the company culture, and the services and products they are offering.

Television Production Goals

Our goal is to create more than a TV spot. We create television advertising campaigns that are memorable, convincing, and award winning. They establish our clients’ brand image. They have been successful because they strike an emotional chord with the consumer, which initiates a response.

Equipped with Media Buying

We back up our TV commercials with media buying – using a mix of all networks. We use Strata software with Nielsen television ratings service to reach the right amount of people at the optimum frequency to make the most efficient and effective buy possible. We post our buys for our larger clients, which further increases value to their advertising investment dollars.

Television Advertising Works!

  • Work with our talented team of Rochester freelance TV producers
  • Reach audience through strategic media buys
  • Emotionally impact target audience for response

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